Music and Harmony

Music and harmonic sounds affect all levels of human existence. They therefore also forms an important part of our lives. Music can really be beneficial. At least we know that in the course of human history, the ancient sages and saints have composed over the world spiritual songs and mantras to use them for healing purposes. There is a wide range of healing composed music for different occasions, so you can enjoy these sounds in daily life for inner balance and peace of mind.

Cosmic Energy – manifested in sound

These sounds are based on extensive research on the therapeutic effects of different ragas. In combination with specially selected rhythms and lyrics, they develop a special healing effect. Because this music is able to harmonize the five elements (earth, water, fire, air and space) and the chakras to bring about (energy centres) in the body.The cosmic energy manifests as time and space and penetrates the elements up to the earth element to the sound as a product of the room there are no limits so set, and he is an excellent medium for any type of energy work.Music has the ability to work both destructive and creative.

The human voice as a medicine?

The human voice is used here as a versatile and powerful tool. The ancient Vedic rituals and spiritual songs are originally built up to this, and are still used today as in the form of mantras.The music has a holistic and healing effect on body, mind and soul and making it an ideal supplement for the treatment of many serious illnesses.

The ancient lyrical texts are similarly constructed as computer programs. It comes to a well-defined sound and speech sequence. Both the phonetic sounds and the notes, in which they are sung, have great influence on the balance.The singing and listening to monosyllabic “bija” mantra, such as the (great) mantra “AUM” may bring an extremely effective healing effect.

According to the ancient Indian philosophy, the sound sequence “AUM” is the primordial vibration, which symbolizes the creation of the universe. Meditation and chanting of “Aum” will help the individual to exceed its limits and to tune into his self, which in ayurvedic medicine has great importance.