Music is healthy for the mind and soul

Music is healthy for children. The piano makes children smarter.Musical activity is characterized in that it appeals to many senses at once. However, the music centre there is not in the brain. Instead, the music is an extraordinarily comprehensive connection between many sub-areas of the brain.

It is not surprising that neuroscience with active musicians in the hearing and movement areas a higher density of neurons was observed, which corresponds to a higher performance. These effects can be observed after a few weeks of piano playing. Also interesting is the connection between linguistic and musical skills. The brain areas for speech and music processing overlap largely.Why the choral singing and orchestral playing have positive social behaviour? In fact, conditions for a successful musical promotion of the child are well known: a separate instrument, a space and enough time for private practice, a good teacher and parental support.

Examples of certain young musicians there is enough.

Spiritual advancement

In terms of a comprehensive promotion of mental-emotional development of children, this question is clearly affirmative. That learning an instrument or singing in a choir opened the regular children the opportunity to differentiate themselves emotionally without express language in another communication system.

Music is a balm for the soul

Music can change the world because it can change people. Music that pleases is balm for the soul. Music can make us forget music can comfort, music can bring to dream, music exudes joy music can help to forget problems, music can heal, animated music, music asks you to dance. Music has a tremendous effect on short mind, body and soul.

The healing power of music was demonstrated by neurological studies. The musicianship is not merely limited to a specific region of the brain, but it also speaks to the hearing the musculoskeletal system, the mind and feel. This means that the different brain regions work together as in a concert. This happens not only when a person plays an instrument, but also even if he only listens to music.