What music has a positive effect?

While noise may cause significant adverse effects on the cardiovascular system, melodious music is able to lower blood pressure, reduce heart rate and to influence cardiovascular disease low. The most powerful healing force there has classical music.Music can be very different effects on the body. What effects can be attributed to the different types of music, shows the following overview: Which composers in heart disease? Classical music is one of the most commonly recommended styles of music for people with cardiovascular disease.

Classical music

Classical music has undoubtedly beneficial effects on anxiety, depression, and diseases of the cardiovascular system, leading to the increase of concentration, memory, creativity and energy, influences the immune system and is helpful in pain, stress and insomnia.

Rock and Pop music

This music is mood lifting, motivation levels and stimulating with fatigue. It helps to stay in a good mood and not tiring as quickly.

Meditation music

Meditation music is calming; the sounds are all rather slow and have little rhythm. It helps to relax and calm, especially after hectic and strenuous activity. Meditation music is mainly used in yoga and tai chi to cause a calming mood. It is favourable to spiritual deepening, to meditate, is effective against stress, sleep and leads to calm and harmony.

Heavy metal

Heavy metal has no therapeutic healing power, just as techno music. While with heavy metal part still real instruments are used, is techno music synthetically. This music can help in some cases, reduce aggression, to better handle anger, disappointment and frustration, but heart rate and blood pressure are increased physiological stress builds up, so this music is rather destructive.


Jazz speaks to the intellect and needs when listening to a certain concentration. Who does not like jazz, feels annoyed and overwhelmed. For therapeutic purposes, Jazz is hardly used.

Latin music

Latin music is usually lively, very rhythmic, lifts the mood and lifts the mood. It is suitable to increase motivation to bridge especially around melancholic moments, and increase vitality.